Custom Processing Equipment for Dairy and Beverage Companies

Our Equipment

TianBa Process Equipment specializes in supplying sanitary tubular and plate type pasteurizer and sterilizer systems, sanitary tanks, and other custom processing equipment, including advanced and competitive technology to support dairy, juice, beer, and sauce production. These process systems are custom designed for both small-scale to large-scale manufacturing companies.

Our services include process design and R&D, equipment supply, system automation and integration, project management, installation, after-sales service, and on-site training.

UHT - Sterilizer for Fruit Pulps and Particles

HHST - Ultra Pasteurization for High Viscosity

Aseptic UHT -
Sterilization Process

HTST-Pasteurization Process

Aseptic Tank Systems

Hygienic Tanks

Clean in Place (CIP)